Space Technology

An astronaut is boarding its space capsule. In the background a part of the earth can be seen.

The Austrian Space Programme

Space technologies are a worldwide market with dynamic growth. Therefore they are very interesting and important for Austria. To support Austrian science and industry to increase their importance in this market, the Austrian space programme was initiated, based on a recommendation of the Austrian Council for Research and Technology Development.

The Austrian Space programme is in principle based on two national programmes that have been carried out since 2002

  • Austrian Space Applications Programme (ASAP),
  • Austrian Radionavigation Technology and Integrated Satnav services and products Testbed (ARTIST).

Through ASAP Austrian research institutions as well as commercial enterprises have been supported in their efforts in conducting space science and exploration programmes, and in developing space technologies, products and services. Overall, the access to the international marked shall be facilitated, thus increasing the competitiveness at the international level.

ARTIST is intended as an Austrian testbed for navigation applications. Possible future applications and services of the European satellite system GALILEO have been tested and evaluated through demonstration projects with respect to their innovative character and technical and economic benefits.

Main Objectives

Themain objectivesof the Austrian Space Programme are the following:

  • Strengthening of the Austrian industry in the international market,
  • Supporting the development of commercially successful products and services,
  • Building up national and international networks through multi- and bilateral projects,
  • Supporting projects related to space science and exploration,
  • Realisation of pilot projects to verify the potential of the various benefits of space technology applications,
  • Increasing user communities of space technology.

Including Elements

The following elements are covered by the Austrian Space Programme

  • Support of the Austrian participation in the Science Programme of the European Space Agency (ESA),
  • Support of bi- and multilateral programmes complementary to ESA programmes,
  • Technology programme for the development of marketable products and services,
  • Transfer of Space Technology (STTA - Space Technology Transfer Austria) with focus on spin offs,
  • Direct applications of space technology: navigation, telecommunication, earth observation, integrated applications.