Green Jobs Master Plan being successfully implemented

The environmental sector and/or “green jobs” are developing well. A substantial contribution to this success was made by the Federal Ministry through its strategies, measures and programmes.

After launching the Green Jobs Master Plan in 2010, experts in the Ministry carried out a first evaluation of the master plan and its measures in late 2012. In the course of further assessments, the evaluation procedure was updated at the beginning of 2016 (for the year 2015).

The environmental management data are collected by Statistics Austria. Even if you consider the delay until the statistical data become available, it can nevertheless be noted that some of the presented measures of Federal Ministy – for example the funding activities – were started before 2010, which means that back then the Federal Ministry already had a stimulating effect on the environmental sector (e.g. by establishing the Climate and Energy Fund).

The current implementation report presents a series of Federal Ministry measures established since 2010, which demonstrate that the environmental sector's favourable development was actively shaped by the Federal Ministry. These include, for example, funding activities involving the thermal renovation initiative, measures in the area of education with several HAUP and klimaaktiv climate protection initiative measures, in the field of sustainable consumption promotion the implementation of the Action Plan for Sustainable Public Procurement, decided in 2010, and the steadily growing range of products and services distinguished by the environmental label.

The implementation reports document the positive development in the environmental sector along with the green jobs based on the six action fields, which form the basis of the Green Jobs Master Plan and illustrate this success by mentioning the various BMLFUW strategies, measures and programmes.