Check Potentials: Research & Competencies

Research Map

Research Map contains data about peer-reviewed publications in the field of digital technologies - whereby at least one author of the publication must be affiliated to an Austrian organisation.
The aim of Research Map is to show the potential of Austrian ICT research and to help to form interdisciplinary research teams necessary for the success of applied research. The publicly accessible Research Map makes it possible to search for specific information and to find out which Austrian organisations carry out which research work in which digital technology fields.

ICT Profiles

ICTprofiles is THE collection of Austrian companies, major research institutes and associations active in the Information and Communication Technology sector. The website was developed for SME, industry, research organisations, public body, non-governmental organisations, associations, institutions of social and healthcare sector which are active in the field of ICT and generally interested in national/international cooperation


Here you will find brief information on ongoing and completed projects that have received funding through the Austrian Research an Promotion Agency (FFG). The focus is on projects starting from 2015. Find potential and experienced project partners for your project or get an overview of research activities in Austria! Inform yourself about current projects and possible future project partners.