National Instructions

These instructions have been prepared for your use and for information to your staff engaged in the preparation and control of consignments of air cargo. These instructions are in accordance with Regulation ( EC) No 2320/2002 of the European Parliament and of the Council establishing common rules in the field of civil aviation security.


Access to areas where consignments of air cargo are prepared, packaged and/or stored shall be controlled to ensure no unauthorised persons have access to the consignments. Visitors shall be accompanied at all times in those areas where consignments of air cargo are prepared, packaged and/or stored.


The integrity of all staff being recruited who will have access to air cargo shall be verified. This verification shall include at least a check of the identity (if possible by photographic identity card, driving licence or passport) and a check of the curriculum vitae and/or provided references. All staff who have access to air cargo shall be made aware of their security responsibilities as set out in these instructions.

Responsible nominee

At least one person responsible for the application and control of these instructions shall be nominated (responsible nominee).

Consignment integrity

  • Consignments of air cargo shall not contain any prohibited articles, meaning articles that may cause acts of unlawful interference with aircraft (please see attached list).
  • Any dangerous goods shall be properly declared.
  • Consignments of air cargo shall be protected against unauthorised interference.
  • Consignments of air cargo shall be adequately packaged and, where possible, include tamper evident closure.
  • Consignments of air cargo being shipped shall be fully described on the attached documentation together with correct addressing information.


Where the account consignor is responsible for the transport of consignments of air cargo, the consignments shall be protected against unauthorised interference.


Irregularities (either apparent or suspected) related to these instructions shall be reported to the responsible nominee. The responsible nominee shall take appropriate action.

Probibited articles for air cargo

  • Explosives / ammunition / flammable liquids / corrosive: Any explosive or incendiary components, which by themselves or in conjunction with other items can result in an explosion or fire. These include explosive materials, blasting caps, fireworks, gasoline, other flammable liquids, ammunition, etc., or any combination of these items.
  • Any corrosive or toxic substances, including gases, whether or not under pressure.
  • Disabling or incapacitating items
  • All tear gas, mace, and similar chemicals and gases whether in pistol, canister, or other container, and other disabling devices such as electronic stunning / shocking devices.