Contaminated site management

The Federal Ministry and the Federal Environment Agency are pooling knowledge on contaminated sites and suspected contaminated sites.

From now on all information on contaminated sites and suspected contaminated sites in Austria are collected and can be called up on (only in German). The website provides a list of all contaminated sites with in-depth information on the type and scope of environmental pollution and a geographical information system depicting the location of all contaminated sites registered.

With a simple online query users can also check whether a plot is listed in the Register of Suspected Contaminated Sites because it is suspected of posing a risk to the environment due to earlier use.

The contaminated sites portal is intended for citizens, especially for persons not dealing with properties, and for experts and enterprises active in the management of contaminated sites.

All facts with just one click

The contaminated sites portal offers information on the causes of site contamination as well as on the processes and methods applied in their investigation, assessment and remediation. Apart from the contaminated sites already known, the portal informs also on newly identified or registered contaminated sites and on contaminated sites whose remediation has started or has been successfully completed. Comprehensive statistical data inform about the status of treatment of the registered areas and on the progress in remediation. Moreover, detailed information on how the Federal Ministry for Climate Action, Environment, Energy, Mobility, Innovation and Technology uses the funds available for the remediation of contaminated sites is provided. The website offers also information on the re-use of fallow sites and the legal bases of contaminated sites management in Austria as well as on upcoming events and recent publications.

Open environmental data

The entire information at (only in German) is open to the public free of charge. Before, it was available in different sections of the websites of the Federal Ministry and the Federal Environment Agency. The portal makes an important contribution to modern environmental information and transparent Administration.

Geoinformation system GIS

The application contaminated sites GIS (Altlasten GIS) allows anyone to use the Federal Ministry web map services to find sites of contamination.

Contaminated sites can also be located using the Webgis application Geo-Info (land-use map "Altlasten").

Any person may access the Altlasten GIS by visiting the website.