Climate protection initiative "klimaaktiv" klimaaktiv provides the stimulus for making our social and economic system more energy-efficient and sustainable.

Logo klimaaktiv

Everyone is talking about climate protection. The effects of climate change and the urgency in which effective countermeasures are needed at both a political and economic level have meanwhile become top issues in political and public debates. The climate targets have made it necessary to transform our social and economic system into something more energy efficient and sustainable, but this will not succeed unless more and more stakeholders play an active role in shaping the transformation process and ensuring that the change is perceived not only as a threat but also as an opportunity.

klimaaktiv as Initiator

A strong impetus in this direction is provided by klimaaktiv, which bridges the gaps between politics, business and society in the form of a modern governance approach. The primary objective of klimaaktiv is to introduce and promote climate-friendly technologies and services. In doing so, klimaaktiv helps to transform the economy and everyday life.

klimaaktiv was founded in 2004. Ever since, the Austrian Energy Agency has implemented klimaaktiv operations and coordinated its target-group oriented actions in the fields of building & renovation, energy saving, renewable energies and mobility.

klimaaktiv applies leverage to the critical points: by providing advice, information and qualification initiatives, with transparent standards, quality assurance measures and by activating and integrating the relevant players and stakeholders.

Achievements of klimaaktiv

By playing a decisive role in creating a noticeable shift in awareness and shaping the market trend, klimaaktiv has achieved a key objective: Companies discovered climate protection as a factor of success and started collaborating with klimaaktiv on a broad scale.

And climate protection is indeed an important employment factor: Already today, around 260,000 people work in renewable energies, in the energy-efficient construction sector and in public transport, and these are the very sectors that for the most part have weathered the crisis.

klimaaktiv activities have contributed significantly to savings in greenhouse gas emissions. Market shares of renewable energies have increased noticeably; Austria's transformation has received a boost through wide-ranging building refurbishments; mobility management has been enhanced in all areas and, with the aid of klimaaktiv, many companies optimised their production processes. klimaaktiv also laid the foundations for more green jobs and the dissemination of environmental technologies made in Austria by offering further-training and qualification measures.

International recognition

In 2011 klimaaktiv was recognised as a European best-practise example in the category "Going Green: Concrete Solutions from the Public Sector" in the context of the European Public Sector Award (EPSA).