BirdLife Austria

BirdLife Austria is a partner of BirdLife International, the world’s biggest active network of nature and bird conservation organisations with more than 1.5 million members in over 100 countries.

What we want

BirdLife works for the protection of birds and the conservation of nature in Austria and across borders. BirdLife Austria realises scientifically sound nature and bird protection projects in four core areas:

• Species protection
• Protection of regions and habitats
• Sustainability
• Awareness raising

What we do

With comprehensive research projects and studies like the Red List of Austrian Birds (Frühauf 2005) or the atlas of breeding birds in Austria, BirdLife Österreich has made a vital contribution to research and conservation of Austria’s biodiversity since its establishment in 1950.

An important component of the work of BirdLife Austria is the preparation of studies on the implementation of the Birds Directive and the Natura 2000 network in Austria.

Guided bird-watching excursions in Austria and abroad as well as participative actions for persons interested in birds, like Stunde der Wintervögel, BirdRace, or experiencing bird migration on the European BirdWatchDay supplement the programme of BirdLife Austria.