Brochure: Digital Technologies (2024)

Ready for the Future: Smart, Green and Visionary. Project Highlights of the Years 2016 to 2021

Eelectronics-based systems, robotics, automated driving, a trustworthy Internet of Things, big data and artificial intelligence – this publication takes a look at projects that have been successfully implemented in digital technologies in recent years. The initiatives presented show the commitment and broad range of expertise of the various stakeholders involved.

They have enabled technological progress and shed significant light on the different interactions between technology, people, society and environmental protection. The implementation of digital solutions plays a crucial role in efforts to use resources more efficiently and reduce our environmental footprint.

The Ministry for Climate Action has supported companies and researchers in launching pioneering projects in these very areas over the past two decades. The success of the project calls in the area of digital technologies is reflected in the technological excellence provided, as well as in the creation of a dynamic network of experts who have worked together on forward-thinking projects.

The high degree of participation from the EU Framework Research Programme shows that the results achieved are also receiving the recognition that they deserve at the European level. The close collaboration within the scope of this initiative has not only produced innovative technologies, but has also created the basis for future developments.

The findings and experiences gained will be used as a creative source for future developments, and therefore lay the foundation for future innovations.

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FFG: Olaf Hartmann, Anita Hipfinger, Peter Kerschl
Publisher: Federal Ministry for Climate Action, Environment, Energy, Mobility, Innovation, and Technology
English, 72 pages

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