Environmental technologies

In many areas of environmental technology Austrian enterprises already hold  an outstanding position and can score through technological innovations and high-quality products and system Services.

With a substantial plus in turnover, export and employment the environmental technology industry is already making a remarkable contribution to an Austria worth living in and to improvements in environmental and living conditions all over the world.

In particular, Austria takes a leading position across the globe as regards the use of hydropower and biomass for energy, solar thermal energy and ecological building, but also in traditional environmental technology sectors, like water and waste management.

For example, our country has the highest density of passive houses world-wide, hosts ten percent of all the EU’s Smart City projects and is leading in used glass recycling. Facilities for waste water treatment and drinking water purification from Austria are used in all continents.

This success is also a result of most remarkable export, research and innovation activities of Austria’s environmental industry. Enterprises are supported through targeted aid programmes and initiatives of the Federal Government (e.g. the export initiative for environmental technology and through most different measures in the Master Plan Environmental Technology (MUT)) and the Provinces.

All stakeholders are to step up their efforts to promote the development and rapid market penetration of new technologies in industry, transport and buildings by means of new initiatives. To ensure market penetration also for the future, especially start-up enterprises from the environmental technology sector should be supported.

A presentation of the capacities and innovative strength of Austrian environmental technologies: