Scenario Report NGI – The Internet for People 2040

The following report summarizes the findings of a future scenario process enabled by the Austrian Federal Ministry for Innovation, and Technology in Vienna 2019 focusing on a very human and responsibility centered approach to the potential future by asking the question:

How can we shape the future until 2040 in terms of trust, inclusiveness, openness and security in such a way that digital technologies and networks enable people to create a conscious, free, responsible and selfdetermined life?

How should people/citizens shape their roles in politics, administration, interest groups, NGOs, academia, media, and businesses in this respect? Decisions always have to be made by individuals. And change can only happen one step at a time. Hence, this approach puts the individual, their empowerment and responsibility into the focus. This question will not be solved by a single technology, it calls for profound changes in society and the awareness of every individual.

Scenario Report NGI – The Internet for People 2040 (PDF, 2 MB)