klimaaktiv mobil The climate protection campaign in the transport sector

About one third of Austria’s total energy consumption is attributable to transport. Consequently, this sector puts a heavy burden not only on our budget but also on the climate and the environment. klimaaktiv mobil shows how mobility can be provided in an environmentally compatible and economical way – without major restrictions, simply by the intelligent use of the most energy-saving, most clean, and most climate-friendly means of transport.

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The initiative "klimaaktiv" of the Federal Ministry contributes significantly to the implementation of the Austrian Energy and Climate Strategy as well as to the obligations of the EU in the climate and energy sectors in the four fields of renewable energies, energy saving, building & renovation,  and mobility.

The campaign klimaaktiv mobil – the part of the klimaaktiv initiative which deals with mobility - focuses on the promotion of environmentally compatible and health-enhancing mobility: through climate-friendly mobility management and the pressing ahead of alternative drives (e.g. electric mobility) and renewable energy in transport as well as through the promotion of bicycling and walking and of innovative public transportation services.

Visit one of our more than 6,600 klimaaktiv-mobil projects on the klimaaktiv mobility map and you will learn what has already been implemented and how many tonnes of CO2 are already being saved.


The klimaaktiv mobil consulting programmes offer in particular to enterprises, developers, and fleet operators, towns, municipalities and regions, leisure-time tourism and youth organisations as well as schools free-of-charge, comprehensive assistance in the development and implementation of environmentally-friendly and climate-compatible transport solutions for the purpose of CO2 reduction as well as information and support with the submission of the application for subsidisation. Information on all consulting programmes(only in German).


Accompanying to the consulting programmes the BMNT initiated already in 2007 the klimaaktiv mobil subsidisation programme. It offers financial support for the priorities “Conversion of the car fleet to alternative drives and fuels” Electromobility” “Promotion of bicycle transport” as well as “Innovative, climate-compatible mobility management”. Information on all research priorities (only in German).

Awareness-raising, training, and further training

The klimaaktiv mobil awarenes-raising programme informs about the advantages of climate-friendly mobility and encourages to make one’s own mobility more environmentally-friendly and thus also healthier.

Training- and further training programmes supplement the comprehensive offers, which include, for example, the training of driving instructors to become fuel-saving instructors, and offers of the WIFI (Institute for Economic Promotion) such as “bicycle technician” or the training to become “youth mobile coach” .   

The Federal Ministry is aware of its model role for other administrations and carries out in its own house the mobility management programme “klimaaktiv mobil”.