Technology Transfer

From research to market

Technology only serves its purpose when being applied. The money invested in research and technology development only achieves its desired economic sustainability when it can be transferred into marketable products and services, which finally result in the creation of new jobs. This is the reason why the Staff Group for Technology Transfer and Security Research has set itself the objective of increasing the technology share of the Austrian export volume.

BMK as door opener for major technology projects abroad

Austrian companies are amongst top global players in the field of infrastructure technologies, offering state-of-the-art solutions for intelligent transportation systems and urban technologies as well as rail-, communications-, hydropower-, health- and security technology applications. In all of these areas Austrian firms score particularly well on a global scale. Quality, customized solutions and experience are the key to success in international project awards, yet when it comes to major infrastructure undertakings such as power-plant expansions, hospital development or transport projects, additional soft factors are decisive - this is where the Austrian Ministry and its Staff Group for Technology Transfer and Security Research come into play.

Apart from conventional measures like general political support or individual coaching, the Federal Ministry offers very efficient instruments the Austrian industry can fall back on - particularly for international technology projects with a strategic character. The most important instruments are undoubtedly bilateral infrastructure-cooperation agreements concluded with foreign governments and their agencies. In the framework of these so called Memoranda of Understanding (MoU) the implementation of technology projects with Austrian industry partners is agreed upon and defined.

The advantages of BMK-support for Austrian companies are broad, including:

  • Access to decision makers in foreign countries
  • Match-making activities aimed at finding the best suitable local cooperation partner
  • Abbreviated and simplified acquisition
  • Early integration of the Austrian side in planned projects, increasing the chances for Austrian companies to succeed in the application process of international tenders
  • Political intervention in case of arising project difficulties entailing higher security in terms of project implementation

Where supply meets demand

Major target markets of the BMK in its efforts to successfully support technology transfer are so called emerging markets, characterized by fast economic growth such as BRICS, CIS or Southeast Asia. These regions and countries tend to show a high backlog demand in their critical infrastructures (transport, energy, health, communication, security, etc.) while disposing of the financial means necessary to invest in sustainable development. The Staff Group for Technology Transfer and Security Research, however, is guided in its country selection by the interests of the Austrian industry. Hence, support is provided in every country where political intervention can help Austrian companies in implementing their bilateral technology projects.


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