Directorate General V – Environment and Circular Economy


The Service Office – reachable under – is the central point of contact at the Ministry.

  • Management of the Directorate:
  • Department V/1 – Company-related Waste Regulations, Waste Shipment and Environmental Liability:
  • Department V/2 – Waste and Contaminated Sites Legislation:
  • Department V/3 – Waste Management Planning, Waste Treatment and Remediation of Contaminated Sites:
  • Department V/4 – EDM Programme Environment:
  • Department V/5 – Chemicals Policy and Biocides:
  • Department V/6 – Waste Prevention, Recovery and Assessment:
  • Department V/7 – Integrated Product Policy, Environmental Management and Technology:
  • Department V/8 – Radiation Protection:
  • Department V/9 – Sustainable Development and Awareness Raising:
  • Department V/10 – National Parks, Nature Conservation and Species Protection:
  • Department V/11 – Plant-related Environmental Protection, Environmental Assessment and Air Pollution Control: